Natalia Ares    

I started in the Materials Department at Oxford in 2013. I focus on on radio-frequency reflectometry for fast and sensitive readout of spin qubits and carbon nanotube electromechanics. I now aim at realising thermodynamics experiments and I work on machine learning for qubit scalability,


My past:

At University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I completed a master in Quantum Chaos under the supervision of D. Wisniacki. For my PhD, I moved to Grenoble, France, where I worked under Silvano De Franceschi at CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique). My PhD work was on electronic transport and spin control in SiGe self-assembled quantum dots. I held a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship at Oxford.


P: +44 (0)1865 283187



Florian Vigneau

I am a postdoc working on quantum thermodynamics experiments with carbon nanotubes. Prior to Oxford I did a PhD at CNRS in Toulouse, France, studying quantum transport in nanowires under the supervision of Michel Goiran and Bertrand Raquet. Then I moved to Grenoble, France, for a postdoc at CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique) with Silvano De Franceschi to work on SiGe hybrid Semiconductor-Superconductor quantum devices. 

DPhil Students


Dominic Lennon

I am a 2nd year DPhil student, originally from a Physics background, having graduated from the University of Sussex with a combined masters. I now work on both the experimental, and computational side of the machine learning project - mainly investigating the automated tuning of electrostatically defined quantum dots, into spin qubits, using machine learning.


David Craig

I am a 1st year DPhil student at Merton College working on machine learning for quantum device control. Before coming to Oxford, I studied applied mathematics and physics at Queen’s University Belfast where my MSci. thesis investigated using neural networks to classify quantum states. Outside of research, I enjoy playing and watching rugby.


Brandon Severin

I am a 1st year DPhil student working on quantum device tuning and qubit readout for quantum computers using AI tools such as machine learning. I completed my MEng in The Department of Materials here in Oxford. In my final year Part II project I worked on developing hybrid optical microcavities for the study of nanoparticles in the Photonic Nanomaterials Group under the supervision of Prof. Jason Smith and Dr Aurélien Trichet, co-founders of the spin-out company Oxford HighQ. Outside of the lab I try and dabble in as many things as possible such as outreach, waterpolo, floorball and playing electric guitar.


Jonas Schuff

I am from the University of Tübingen, Germany, writing my master thesis on the machine learning project. For my bachelor thesis I looked at how machine learning could be used on a problem in theoretical physics, more precisely I used reinforcement learning in a quantum metrology context. Besides research, I like doing outdoor activities like rock climbing or hiking.

Part II/Master Students



Dr Anna Pearson

I am a 3rd year DPhil student at St Anne's college looking at low temperature cavity optomechanics for applications in tests of fundamental physics. Prior to coming to Oxford I studied Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London. When not in the lab I can most likely be found singing with Wadham chapel choir where I am a choral scholar. 


Nina van Esbroeck

I am student from Eindhoven Technical University working in Oxford on my master thesis.


Josh King